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Stimulating toddlers to learn more efficiently

It’s a big, fun new world filled with adventure. There’s so much to learn and do with so many new skills to discover every day.

Our toddler program for 15–36 months is a play based program that incorporates learning to socialize in addition to motor skill development.

Meeting other children and learning how to share can be a challenge. Through music, stories, and outdoor play we confidently guide toddlers in a positive, inclusive direction. New discoveries are so fun and empowering, and we love seeing the joys of achievement. There are so many “firsts” such as learning how to use zippers, buttons or how to hold a spoon or a pencil.

We communicate all daily activities with our parental daily report. You’re regularly updated on your child’s activities and accomplishments as we keep track of mealtimes, nap times, toilet training and any special highlights that may have occurred.

  • Start Date September 6, 2021
  • Years Old 15-36 mo
  • Class Size 12
  • Class Duration 7:00 am - 5:30 pm
  • Program Staff 3 Teachers, 1 Assistant